What a nice guy

I must say that my buddy has a great job. He is a skilled HVAC technician. He also happens to be in great shape and the ladies are always after him! He has a great deal of pride in his work though so he does the best job always. Well, he is often really busy because he often gets called back to previous customers. He even has a lot of regular customers that are enrolled in HVAC maintenance plans that insist that he does the work. He has actually signed up a lot of people into the HVAC maintenance plan that his company offers. He tells me it’s funny because a lot of single ladies always call him even when there is only a minor problem like the batteries needing to be changed in the thermostat. He says that he suspects they put dead batteries in the thermostat sometimes on purpose just to have him come over, but he definitely doesn’t mind! He has gone on quite a few dates this way when they hint at being hungry and wish to go grab a bite to eat and things like that. I must say, I wish I had the ladies coming at me like that! I also wish I had a great job like that, but heating and cooling technology is way over my head. I have a hard enough time just using my smartphone. I do have a smart thermostat however thanks to my buddy. He wouldn’t leave me alone about smart thermostats so eventually I let him install one in my house. I definitely am not disappointed with it!

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