Which system do I choose

I’m thinking that I should consider calling a HVAC professional soon since my air conditioner has been making some really strange noises recently. I suspect that it’s about to stop working entirely on me before too long. I don’t like to do this because I know that the repair costs are going to be through the roof. I don’t have a service plan with my local HVAC business, so there will most likely be an additional fee for the initial visit. I don’t like having to deal with home appliances and repairs, since I simply don’t know enough about air conditioners on my own. I will always be at the mercy of a professional anytime that I need someone to come and fix an issue such as this. I am honestly considering just replacing my air conditioner because it’s so old. I’ve had it for a very long time, so I guess it would be nice to upgrade it so that I don’t throw a lot of money on the fire for repair costs over the next few years. Instead, more modern heating and AC equipment would ensure that I would be set and ready to go for a long time with the addition of a routine service plan. I’ll gladly change the air filters if it means that I don’t have to tinker with my AC constantly, but being a homeowner requires me to question things like this all of the time. I do really like my house, however this is one of the downfalls to being a homeowner. I wish I didn’t have to pay to buy a new HVAC unit in the first place.

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