A better air conditioner

It’s pretty cool how popular reality programs have been for the last numerous decades or so.  Even if we aren’t a complete fan of reality shows there is also a topic or family who may grab your attention for a couple of binge weekends.  I care about medically themed or drastic reality shows. The type of shows where a TV crew follows the day in a life of a mom with more than five toddlers.  Or our favorite is a weightloss journey of people who have become morbidly obese. I’m not sure which draws me to these type of shows. I assume I’m looking for any lesson in their story of either how not to act what they did do or how to manage a challenging situation.   I try to find all the lessons or prevention to every life process even with our beach apartment unit care about our heating and a/c. The heating and a/c plan has to have some routine repairs performed on it in order to stop damage. One of the routine repairs which had to be performed on the heating and a/c plan was to changed or clean the air filter weekly.  The second repair which had to be performed on a semi yearly basis was the cleaning of the air condenser cabinet outside. The air condenser equipment has to be clean in order to allow regular airflow into any a/c equipment inside. If during the Winter time outside items are then placed next to the condenser they need to be removed before the a/c equipment is then used for the summer.  The air condenser might also be sprayed with a water hose to remove any dirt accumulation from the sides of the equipment in addition to on the foils.

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