A central cooling unit

I am in my mid fifties, and for the past couple of years, I’ve been going through menopause.  It has completely thrown off my body temperature. I used to always feel chilly, and constantly needed to bundle up in sweaters.  I tended to bump up the thermostat setting and run the furnace at max capacity for most of the year. Now, I always tend to feel overheated.  I also suffer from sudden hot flashes, and sweat profusely. I’ve finally invested in a ductless heat pump for my bedroom. The ductless split system is permanently installed on an exterior wall and provides both heating and cooling capacity.  The installation process required no major tear down of walls and was completed in a single afternoon. I can now regulate the temperature in the bedroom without impacting the rest of the house. While it’s easy to switch between heating and cooling mode, I typically rely on the air conditioning.  Fortunately, the heat pump is extremely energy efficient. It runs on electricity and works by simply moving heat from one location to another. In cooling mode, the heat pump pulls heat out of the room and pumps it outside. For heating, the system simply reverses operation, finding ambient heat outside and transferring it indoors.  The process is clean, safe and very quiet. Because the heat pump features inverter technology, it automatically adjusts speed to changing requirements. This allows the heat pump to run longer at lower speeds, combating temperature stratification and energy waste. With the ability to keep my bedroom super cold, I now sleep so much better at night.  

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