A new HVAC system is a great idea

Running your own business is a blessing plus a curse, especially if you task in the retail industry! Unless you run a franchised business, you always have near-absolute control over what you can sell, plus what price you can sell at, however you also have the luxury of buying as much product to resell as you’d like, assuming you have the capital – plus the storage space. For most entrepreneurs (myself included), that last part of the equation is forgotten, plus you inevitably use part in your own new home at some point to store excess inventory. I worked in the nutrition industry for a while, so my shop sells a lot of supplements plus a few over-the-counter medicines for respected ailments. It’s a lucrative business, but keeping your goods fresh can be a challenge. Recently, I had a major overstock of pre-made protein shakes, which I planned to sell quickly while in a weekend sale, even though I had nowhere cool to keep the product! I wound up having to use a rented storage part for the time being. I talked with one of the people now working at the storage facility, plus they suggested picking up a mini-split method for my garage plus using that to store goods in the future, but even if I didn’t use it often for storage, the mini-split method would be good for keeping the garage cool for any number of uses. I believe I’ll have to look into that in the future, because my shop’s way too small to have storage part for this much stuff!

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