A northern feel

I don’t know about you, but I have this friend whose home I love to go to.  I am always awed by the magnificence of her home. There isn’t a single piece of wasted space in her house.  She has such an eye for beauty when it comes to the interior of her home. I used to think that she did her home all by herself, but she told me she could have never accomplished this look without the skillful hand of an interior design specialist.  I told her that I could smell the elegance and quality as soon as I walked into her house, the first time. It was absolutely stunning. She said she had come with the concept of what she wanted, and the interior designer did everything else. She said they ran with her ideas and gave her the timelessness that she was looking for.  There was custom furniture that was finely crafted, throughout her home. Their main focus was not just on the furnishings, but on the bedding, window treatments and wall treatments. She picked out her colors, fabrics and patterns, and the designer pulled it all together to create the ambience she craved for her home. My favorite part of her home is the lovely custom furniture.  It seems as though her heart and soul are reflected in the pieces of furniture and each is a piece of art. I call it art, because every time I walk into her home, I get the same feeling of awe and inspiration that I get whenever I walk into an art museum.

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