Commercial air and heat

University was one of the greatest times of my life, and I look back fondly on those days. One of the things that made college such a fun time for me was the girls in my dorm. They made me feel so welcome from my freshmen year until I graduated. I literally had the best roommates our there. They were so kind and funny, and we got along so well with one another. All three of us worked at the same local restaurant, so we were always hanging out together. I can’t remember a single time that we had a serious argument. To this day, all three of us are still great  friends. There was one thing that we all hated though, and that was the the temperature of the dorm. We weren’t allowed to adjust with the thermostat, so we had to cope with the ice cube of a room. Some nights were frosty as could be. All of us bought an extra quilt and a small electric heater to try and keep the room warm enough to sleep. It was unfair to me that they wouldn’t turn the temperature up in the dorm because we all asked time and time again. Although it was a struggle, we were able to keep the room bearable the majority of the time. College was amazing, but I’m glad to be able to control my own thermostat now.

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