Connecting to a thermostat

Everyone always tells me that it’s of the utmost importance to either have a high-powered HVAC system that can heat or cool a house very quickly, or to have an incredibly energy-efficient system that treats a home without any noise or using any electricity or fuel. No one seems to get that heating or cooling your house doesn’t necessitate such extravagance! At my house, I will deal with the heat or cold depending on its intensity. For cooling, I’ll rely on my trusty oscillating fan to produce a nice breeze around the house, and or crack a window open. If that is not sufficient, I may also turn on a ceiling fan, or consider turning on my window-mounted A/C unit. Finally, on the hottest days of them all, I’ll turn on the whole-house fan several times throughout the day to beat the heat! When it gets cold outside, a similar system applies. I’ll wear a light sweater if it’s colder indoors, use a space heater when that’s not enough, and during the frostiest weather, I’ll keep a fire going in my fireplace for the whole day! I use this approach for heating and cooling my house for two reasons. One, I don’t actually have a central heating and air conditioning system! Two, I don’t need an HVAC system if I use my approach! In my last home, we used central heating and air to treat the house and circulate air. The bills were just too much, so I swore to not put up with it again! Say what you will about the need for air circulation, but an open window and fan do the job!

HVAC system