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Flipping houses is not at all like you see on those television shows. There’s not a lot of time spent choosing trendy finishes and putting in gourmet kitchens. You don’t renovate homes to your taste; you renovate to market. It’s about speed and doing the work that brings the best return on investment. To make a profit you have to know your material and labor costs inside and out. You have to get the right financing locked in and stay on your timeline or you will lose your shirt. You have to know these things before you start. Construction, on the other hand, is something you’re going to probably have to learn on the job. You can do some of the work yourself but having reliable professionals to job in will save you time and money in the long run. Case in point is your HVAC set up. Your house needs the heat and air handling in perfect working order so you don’t get flagged on the appraisal. If you haven’t properly located your vents and ductwork with forced air units, you’ll run into big trouble. Appraisers always take photos of the furnace and vents. So, don’t even attempt to do HVAC yourself. The cost of having a certified HVAC installer do the work in a short, guaranteed time frame will keep your margins in line. Just make sure your construction team doesn’t make a mess of the HVAC work. I’ve seen day laborers cause damage with drywall dust and airborne debris to HVAC systems that would make you cry. I once had a furnace blower fan that got caked in drywall dust. That meant that the evaporator core for the air conditioner was also caked in drywall dust. I had major cost overruns from having it all professionally cleaned.

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