Easing my workload

I’ve always loved to bake, & frequently have been asked to provide cakes, cookies & other treats for many occasions.  My hobby has gradually grown into a small, beach house business. I now bake for weddings, holiday parties, showers, graduation parties & a wide variety of events.  To handle the growing demand, I needed to make some improvements to our family room. I ended up knocking out the wall between the dining room & family room in order to expand & create adequate room for a commercial sized cooler & oven.  I also invested in a better mixer, baking sheets, bowls & utensils. I thought I had everything covered until our family started to complain. During the summer time weeks, all that baking overheated the beach house & created absolutely uncomfortable & sticky conditions.  In the winter, with the windows closed tight & the furnace running, the cooking odors spread throughout the home. I finally consulted with a local Heating & Air Conditioning company to resolve these problems. She suggested the addition of a central cooling system & a heat reusey ventilator.  I also substituted the whole system to zone control. The air conditioner equipment combats the added heat from the ovens, maintaining a nice, cool home. The zone control allows me to target extra cooling to the family room without impacting the whole house. The best investment was unquestionably the ventilation system, which brings in fresh air & expels stale air.  It effectively gets rid of baking odors & excessive humidity, improves overall comfort & protects air quality. I will now need to do a lot of baking to reuse the cost of all of these substitutes.

heat and AC