Electric and heaters

    My mother regularly told me, if you do it once it is your job. So when my boyfriend and I moved in together, I took that advice to heart. I am super careful about whatever job I do. I do the meal prep, laundry plus all of the cleaning, and Steve has to repair anything that breaks, handle garbage and deal with our funky Heating, Ventilation, A/C system. Steve is totally going against the rule though. He keeps trying to change out his Heating, Ventilation, and A/C job. Every now and then he will do laundry. Occasionally he will make dinner, and then he will later on mention the cooling system is not turning on again. I am not touching our unit. If I even mess with it once, I think I will forever be the repairman. I think heating and air conditioning comes with a lot of work. That is why I never stepped once near it. Every week you need to take out and clean the air filter; you also have to upgrade the Freon within the AC a ton. The furnace blower needs to be oiled a lot, and also there are quarterly tune ups that need to be scheduled. Even doing this, there will be a frequent repairs time and time again. I love that it is Steve’s job to worry about that. He keeps trying to bait me into it. He does not think that I will go with no climate control before I mess with the system. It is worth it to never have to worry about it.

electric heater