Further cost savings

I recently dealt with a heat pump at my home that was frozen.  I had been reluctant to hire a professional contractor for my HVAC issue and then to subsequently devote an entire afternoon to babysitting this repair person.  Plus, I truly wanted to avoid the exorbitant cost of repair. Online, I did some research and discovered that there are a few strategies which simply and safely unfreeze a heat pump.  All I needed were a few tools and a bit of my time. The temperature outdoors had dropped to frigid 39F; this created frost causing the heat pump to ice over. I have since understood the need for installation of a timed, temperature-based defroster which would then automatically defrost the system continuously at set intervals.  Unfortunately, this feature is not currently installed. I was stuck with a frozen heat pump. A simple remedy is to run the fan. Blowing air will ultimately thaw the heat pump in an hour or two. Another option could be to relocate the thermostat from the outdoor portion of the unit. This will then trigger a heat pump to defrost more often and operate in longer intervals to eliminate the built-up ice.  It’s extremely important to not locate the thermostat to the wrong end of the coil, this will halt all defrosting and genuinely make your problem much worse. I am rather fortunate that my unit deploys the feature of manual defrost. It is important to run this feature whenever outside conditions are cool enough to lead to overnight freezing. Additionally, I made the mistake of using a power-saving setting on my heat pump to save money on my electric bill.  This, unfortunately, resulted in too short of a defrost cycle which allowed the component to develop ice.

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