Going ahead with my plan

My best neighbor travels a lot for work, plus with two cats plus two cats she needs someone to look after her home while she’s away. I’m cheerful to take on the work, as it’s typically a joy for me. I care about getting to say hi to her pets everyday plus give them care plus attention as they get fed. I typically tell her she doesn’t even have to pay me, just let myself and others hang out in the home while she’s away. Well she still pays me–because no 1 should ever job for free–and I get to spend the week or two while she’s away in the lap of luxury. My best neighbor plus I are genuinely close, though our job paths diverged a long time ago. I followed our care about of the arts, making just enough to get by plus have time for what I love. My best friend, on the other hand, followed her brain plus got into laptop engineering; She works for the government so I’m not allowed to suppose much about what she does–just that she gets paid a lot to service things when everything else fails. So, while I live in a tiny apartment with a furnace plus no AC, our best neighbor has a attractive home with central air conditioning plus heating, and a heated bathroom, however the winters here get genuinely cold, so although our best neighbor didn’t want to tear the HVAC ducts out of all of her walls, she did want a few heated rooms. So she had radiant floors installed in the master bathroom a few years back. There’s nothing enjoy stepping out of a nice bath plus a chilly winter’s night to a sizzling floor. The only trick is stepping around all of the creatures asleep on it.

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