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People love to gossip about news, whether it’s about something good or bad.  You don’t have to know someone long before their letting you in on an experience they’ve had or know someone who had. I notice most conversations tend to follow this storytelling pattern.  One guy begins with their experience and the other guy in the conversation waits their turn to affirm that they’ve also had such an experience and describe theirs. Sharing our experiences help people to learn about new possibilities or things.  When I make a new purchase that I’m excited about, I will share it so that other people can look into the product that has given me so much satisfaction. I have recently shared with friends how warm and cozy our radiant floor heating system is in our home. I explain what I was told by my local HVAC specialist. There are two types of radiant flooring heat: electric and water based systems. The water based radiant floor system runs hot water through pipes to generate heat. He explained that the water based radiant heating system is typically installed during the constructing of a new home or remodeling of an old home or space. The electric radiant system uses wire to generate heat underneath the floor. I explain that if they were to install electric radiant floor heating in their bathroom, the process would be simple and entirely worth it. The electric radiant floor system is also more cost efficient to install than the water radiant system. However, both function in the same way by heating a room from the floor to the ceiling without using forced air as well as ensuring even heating in the space.

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