I can tell there’s a hold up

Ice skating is not exactly considered a summer activity, however it is still a favorite of mine. When I was younger, I lived up north, and there were numerous ice skating rinks everywhere. Now that I live out west, ice skating rinks aren’t as popular. In fact, our town has just a single one that is open year-round, so that’s the one I use the most. I like how cold it feels with the extra a/c contrasted with the fresh air outside. It’s like I have my own Winter wonderland during the summertime. Last weekend, I put on my skates and was excited for an afternoon of skating. However, to my disappointment, the ice skating rink was temporarily closed. They had the best a/c in town to keep the ice frozen, however the heat of the summer made the a/c overload and conk out! Due to the lack of a/c, the ice on the rink melted so skating was not prohibited. I was so upset. There was no other place in town that had an a/c that strong. The supervisor advised me it would take a couple of days to ship out the parts to repair the unit. If only there was some sort of a/c generator that would allow the ice to stay intact long enough so that I could skate. I know I will just have to stay home, turn on the a/c to full blast and dance around the den to pretend I am ice skating.

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