I can’t believe how dirty the air is

Last season of winter, we had some indoor air quality issues. We did our best to adjust the thermostat, but it didn’t seem to help much at all for the indoor air quality our house was just freezing. We found freezing spots and many corners, plus there was an insufficient amount of heat directly emitting from the air vents. My own bi-weekly bills were climbing higher, plus I bundled up in a few jackets just to stay warm. There was easily abundant amounts of dust circulating in the building + surfaces. We had to wipe plus vacuum the whole house more frequently, plus it was terrible to inhale these contaminants into our own lunch. I really observed a slight sting, plus nothing seemed to help. I tried spraying room distinct geysers, put out a few air fresheners, plus even decided to light some candles that were sent it. I was very surprised by hour heating + air conditioning issues, + decided to contact the contractor to inspect my heating + air conditioning device. They quickly found some problems with our dirty air duct device. The air was passing through our ductwork, where the ductwork conditions were affecting our air quality. The abundance of pollen, bacteria, plus dust inside of our ductwork has really affected our indoor air quality. The congested air flow also leads to diminished Comfort, higher utility bills, plus terrible Health troubles. In order to create better indoor air quality for our home, we decided to have the heating + air conditioning contractor deliver a thorough ductwork cleaning last weekend. That seemed to work pretty well.

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