I chose my options

My cousin has been struggling to keep his apartment cool in the summer.  Some afternoons he attempts to turn his temperature control down to 72 degrees but usually it won’t drop below 79 or 80 degrees.  He had been using thick dust reduction air filters that unfortunately slow the air flow a tiny bit so we thought we would try a weird brand.  When that didn’t work, we then called an heating and air conditioning company to inspect the whole system. They ran a full diagnostic on my cousin’s air conditioner while noting the air pressure and the visible state of the evaporator and condenser coils.  The serviceman was shocked and stunned, he was looking at the temperature control while looking at his notes and he said he couldn’t figure out why the house simply wouldn’t get colder. Everything appeared to be working properly. At last, he decided to open the attic door ad poke his head around to look at the ductwork and check the seals.  The repairman took just one look at the ventilation ducts and had to shake his head in disappointment–he told my cousin that his house’s entire ventilation system was exposed to open air in the hot attic with no insulation of any kind. After observing half a dozen leaks he said to my cousin that if he wanted anything near a truly working air conditioner again, he needed new ducts as soon as he could afford it.  They scheduled an installation date and eventually put in brand new flexible ventilation ducts that surprisingly already come wrapped in thick insulation right from the factory. Although it cost him a serious wad of cash, my cousin is finally feeling cool air again and is seeing his energy costs dropping now that he can finally keep a steady temperature when he’s at home.

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