I couldn’t be happier

If you want something specific, I’ve found you often have to do it yourself. I assumed it would easy to find a new home with an office, art studio, finished basement, garage and attic. Turns out I was wrong. The new construction I did find was not up to snuff once I got inside and looked around. After a weeks of searching, I realized I was going to need to draw up my own plans and build my own house. Or, at have it built for me. I have a number of friends and family members in the construction business, plus, I specialize in installing HVAC systems and ductwork, so I knew I could have it all done just how I envisioned it. Of course, you don’t  start with the air ducts. The rest of the house to be well underway before I my expertise would be needed. Once the framework is up, I can start installing air ducts before the drywall is hung. I was able to maximize the efficiency of the air duct system. I used as few of them as I could by putting the air vents right where I knew they would be needed most. Rather than putting air filters in the fans of the bathrooms, I made topted for exhaust vents that pull the air out and blast it outside. It’s these little things improve the indoor air conditions of a home and make it more efficient. I can’t wait for construction to be completed so I can turn on my HVAC system for the first time.

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