I don’t complete understand radon levels

I genuinely thought that I was dying little by little from the inside. These past few months I had been having something incredibly troubling with our breathing. Basically all of the time I sounded like I was just a wheezing baboon. I kept running out of breath plus coughing all of the freaking time. What made me finally see a real physician was when I started coughing up blood. You never really want blood to come up to the outside of your body. My dentist told me at that point all of these signs are early stages of lung cancer. As a dedicated non smoker plus never genuinely been around cigarettes, I was totally shocked that lung cancer was thrown out there. After doing a thorough check up, our physician also concluded that I must have been inhaling radon for a long time. Apparently, simply according to what our physician saw, I must have been inhaling radon for over 25 or so years. If the radon gas is consistent plus harsh enough, eventually lung cancer can form because of it. Right after hearing this wonderful news I was scared to hear words like chemo, expensive payments plus bed rest. Before I did any sort of medical treatment though, I went back and attacked the problem in our home. My home had let radon seeps through the minor cracks in the foundation for over 20 years. Because of this, I am definitely going to have to go through an high-priced plus horrible process. I definitely now have a radon mitigation method in our home, plus I do think and feel a lot better. I still have lung cancer, although I am feeling more hopeful now that I am not actively getting poisoned anymore.

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