I finally found what I’d like

Finals week is crunch time for everyone in college, however most people in university are great procrastinators, myself included. Being a college athlete, this is especially dangerous because not only are you balancing your schoolwork and your social life, but also your sports life. Finals was coming up and for the last couple weeks I had been much more focused on the upcoming football season than I was on my schoolwork. Before I knew it, I had until midnight to knock out an 8 page paper, and I went to the school library and began frantically working on the paper. Inside the computer lab, the industrial air conditioner was keeping me nice and cooled off. It was much better here in the bookstore than it was in the dorms. In the dorms the air conditioner hardly ever worked and it was constantly too warm and stuffy, but while I was writing my paper, I began to doze off eventually. Before I knew it, I woke up an hour and a half later with my drool on the keyboard. The cooling air coming from the air conditioner units ductwork had put me straight to sleep! I only had 1 hour left to turn in this paper now, and I still had two pages left to go. It felt just like a pivotal football game, I was so focused and determined to get that paper done. I ended up finishing and submitting that paper with just three minutes to spare. I was super proud of myself, I’m not going to lie. As a reward for my hard work, I put my head back down and went back to sleep in air conditioned bliss.

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