I have a lot on my mind

My family is full of money savers. The concept of saving money was ingrained in us all for several generations. Growing up, we kids heard about budgeting- what it is, how to do it, that it was mandatory- for years. Even now as an adult out on my own, I still budget. I still make sure to save a chunk of every paycheck and put it into savings. I make sure to budget where all the rest of my money is going- such as rent, utilities, food, etc. One of the big things that was harped on was energy costs. My parents had a thing against the air conditioner. It was never on. That is probably the reason it has lasted as long as it is- it is well over thirty years old and never gave us much in the way of trouble. It was ok, until sleeping time. Now, I have always been a warm person temperature person. This becomes a difficulty at night because if I’m too warm, I cannot sleep. This was even more of a problem in those dog days of summer when temperature are just soaring. My parents were fine- my dad went to sleep every night no matter what time of year it was in sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. Me- I would just lay on my bed and slowly roast to death. Thankfully, the house had fans. Mine had been broken a long time and finally one weekend my dad fixed it. I would turn it on every night and feel the cool air begin to blow around my room. I would watch the blades turn around on particularly warm nights. That fan made everything better.

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