I knew radon testing was smart

My family uses an old well to have water in our home each day. The water is taken from the well plus pumped to our hot water tank for whatever we need.. It is then warmed plus runs through all our plumbing fixtures. The usual old well water is nothing however a pain in the butt though. The water stains all our normal plumbing fixtures plus rusts them. The water damages our hair, stains our tiny kid’s teeth plus also leaves a gross residue in the shower. I also have figured out over time that our water can kill us as well… Did you recognize that radon can also get into your drinking water? Apparently radon can usually get in the lake cabin easily due to seepage through cracks in the foundation. The well is made of layers of old granite that had decayed. The decaying rock then formed the dangerous radon gas down there that then polluted our water. Showering, washing dishes plus also even just doing laundry can startle the water plus allow the gas to enter the air quality. My family then unknowingly breathes in the harmful gas. So what I am looking at now is removing the well directly  from the property. The people I was with and I need to get rid of our old water well plus go to town water instead. The water is dangerous enough. However, now since all of us have radon, all of us have it now. My family plus I need to hurry up and get a plan to remove the radon from our drinking water. The people I was with and I can choose to either do an aeration treatment or all of us can do GAC treatment to the water source. One of these vents the air quality plus the other filters the water before it gets right into the air quality.

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