I loved the heater

The lord works in mysterious ways, they say, and I know for a fact they are right. Of course, by the same token, things are only mysterious if you don’t have all the facts. You can look at something from a new angle, learn some new information, and then it turns out to not be so mysterious after all. I say all this as a way of patting myself on the back for doubling the number of children attending the youth group meetings. The thing is, you can’t save souls if you don’t put butts in the pews, so we needed more people attending youth group. I had the idea to bring in the portable air conditioner I had in my spare room. It was old, and sort of loud, but was still great for cooling down a room. This was right in the middle of the summer, and the heat and humidity was really bad this year, making the air quality very sticky and damp all the time. By hooking up this A/C in the basement, I made youth group the coolest place to be. I mean cool in terms of temperature and climate control of course, not the Fonzie way of being cool. Like I said, the first step was getting more people to attend church, and that little A/C unit really fulfilled that part of the job. Attendance was way up, the A/C was cold enough if even brought in a few teens who I know went to other churches. I guess our church was just a little cooler.

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