I ripped up all the floors

    I live in the northeastern part of the country, and I honestly despise the weather.  While my family and I get some sizzling un-even temperatures in the summer, the season is brief plus it’s horribly humid.  The cabin always feels hot plus clammy, so it doesn’t make sense to invest in central cooling. All of us only need a/c for about 8 weeks, so I get by with a portable a/c in our bedrooms.  The portable cooling device keeps the bedroom nice plus cool so we can sleep at evening, however the rest of the cabin is terribly uncomfortable. Both the fall plus winter seasons are even more cold plus wet, with gray, cloudy skies.  By the middle of October, the temperature is usually so cold that we’re forced to start up the oil furnace. Hoping to save some money, I wait as long as possible to start heating the house. My kids bundle up in sweaters plus complain about how cold they are.  Once I cave in and crank up the thermostat, the oil furnace will blast non stop for over half a year. I end up paying enormous heating bills, plus the cabin becomes stuffy plus dry. For the sake of saving some money, I take every precaution to prevent energy waste.  I make sure to caulk around the windows, weather-strip around the doors, plus I’ve stuffed insulation into every possible crack, crevice plus corner. This keeps outside air from coming inside, reduces my bi-weekly costs, plus creates a more energy efficient home. However, it also traps contaminants within the outdoor environment, which then get consistently get circulated plus breathed by my kids. To prevent health troubles, I’ve had to invest in a whole house air cleaner, which runs 24/7.  

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