I spent the whole year working

I truly had not been in a library in at least a decade when my husband said we should try going to the one near our current house.  Libraries were havens for my friends and I when were were kids. They always had lots of fun after school programs plus it was a safe place where I could always spend as much time as I wanted peering through endless piles of books before I collected a few and nestled down in comfortable silence reading for the afternoon until my parents arrived to take me home.  I believe there was a part of me inside that was hoping to recapture some of the magic I remember feeling with libraries when I was just a kid. But once my husband led me through the doors and to the front desk, a strong musty smell hit our noses instantly. The air felt easily as hot as the 82 degree breeze we had just walked in from while we were still outside.  It was so insanely humid that our skin literally felt sticky. Finally, I shifted my eyes upward and looked in confusion at what at first appeared to be aging corroded metal pipes running suspended from one end of the ceiling to the other and dark gray in appearance. But it hit me right away, those weren’t pipes, that’s the HVAC ductwork; but, their entire ventilation system was just 1970s era suspended air shafts barely covered in tattered insulation that had been abused for so many years it was nearly black on the surface from dust build up alone.  Effectively cooling a place as big as our library with its nearly crumbling air ducts and aging poorly serviced heating and cooling system is straight up impossible. I didn’t see very many people while I was there too, plus we came on a Saturday morning during the summer when the schools are out. I wonder the amount of people who stay away from this library just because of their nasty cooling system.

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