I stepped right outside

I noticed that my air conditioner wasn’t functioning properly after heavy rainfall last weekend.  I reviewed the thermostat, and it working just fine. Even the sensor in the thermostat was adjusted perfectly.  I then reviewed the air filters and they were also not the cause of my air conditioners issues either. I changed the air filter a couple of weeks ago.  I then went through several other steps to diagnose the issue with my air conditioner, but I could not find the problem until I called a professional HVAC specialist to come and take a look at it.  She told me that due to the heavy rainfall last week, the humidity in the air was off the charts. Apparently, excess humidity can cause your air conditioner condensate drain to clog and not drain correctly.  When the air conditioner doesn’t drain correctly, it can’t function correctly. The clog had to be removed by the HVAC specialist. Another issue that could have caused drainage concerns would be the mounting level. If a window air conditioning unit is not mounted on a level surface, such as if it were to be on a decline, it could disrupt the drainage of the unit. Luckily, I only had to deal with the humidity issue.  Once the HVAC specialist removed the clog, my air conditioner was back up and running again. I just have to keep an eye on the humidity levels, and keep my HVAC technician number handy in case my condensate drainage gets clogged once more.

HVAC tune-up