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The ventilation plan at my home is arguably the worst I’ve ever seen. Of the numerous different houses I’ve called beach home in the past 20 years, I’ve never had to worry about hearing pigeons flying around within the air duct. I’ve also never had to listen to pecking and biting between said pigeons and rats, at all fifths of the evening! After dealing with the war between flying and grounded rats for the past few weeks, I’ve had my fill – and saved the necessary funds to spend money for pest control. Once I paid to have the exterminators come by the house, they went upstairs and got to work removing the pests. Midway through, a single of the exterminators came down to tell myself and others that I’d better go ahead and schedule an appointment with a heating, ventilation and air conditioning company to get a quote on vent renovation. I knew it was really going to need some patchwork to deal with whatever mangle the pests caused, but I didn’t feel the entire duct plan had to go. Well, when the exterminators were done, they had myself and others come upstairs and take a look at the air duct. I couldn’t guess the mangle that these stupid rats and pigeons did to the ducts! There were softball-sized holes in the ducts all over the locale where the rats chewed their way in and out. I was actually going to have to prepare for getting the entire duct plan replaced. I sure hope the Heating and A/C Company lets myself and others make payments over time, because there’s no way I can afford to spend money for an all-new duct plan up front! The exterminators advised a company they often work with, and said he usually lets his clients spend money installments for services.

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