I want to make sure everything is in good shape

Why my store decided the middle of summer and back to school season was the right time to remodel, I will never know. As if the constant customer traffic plus high sales volumes weren’t making work hard enough, all of us have to contend with this crazy heat wave. However my retail job has decided that the month of September was the time for our store to get the new remodel that’s been going around every store in the East coast sales regions. It would be one thing if the remodel was on the sales floor, where all of the clients are. Sadly, this is not the area that is being upheaved… Our store is having a remodel for the entire back room, we’ve had to tear up every aisle while they put in everything, including whole new walls, light fixtures, plus security cameras. It seems the one thing that isn’t on the renovation to-do list is the one me and my coworkers always ask for–Heating and A/C. While the sales floor of our store is always kept perfectly comfortable for the clients, thanks to the store’s heating plus cooling system, that is where the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C starts and ends, there is certainly no heating or cooling for the backroom warehouse, the offices, or the break room. So now my whole team is certainly working in the backroom, sweaty and getting disgusting! But because of the high customer traffic, all of us still get called onto the floor to help clients. The lack of heating plus cooling makes us look terrible and unprofessional. I can’t wait for this remodel to be over with, so at least all of us won’t be doing this much heavy labor without an A/C system.

forced air heating and cooling