I wonder what is going on

If I know that I’m going to have a difficult major project to do, I always call my mother.  My mom is an absolute tank and has major skills with home repair. Want to gut your bathroom?  My mom is the one you want to call. Need to sand the entire floor of your house for some reason?  Call my mom and she’ll be there with her sander working all day long with no break, water or food. As a result I have a habit of calling my mom whenever I have a new project.  My newest one is installing a heated floor system. It can’t be too hard to install one. I read online that you have to rip up the floors before you install the piping. Once the pipes are laid down, you have to connect them and run them down to the boiler system in the basement below.  The boiler then heats all of the water and finally feeds it back to the piping above, heating the floor with hydraulics! I think that’s really cool. After you finish putting in the heating system, all that is left is putting down the new floors. This sounds really easy to me. My mom and I are definitely ready for the job and we bought metal crowbars for the floor removal.  We discovered that the pipes themselves are super heavy but we should be able to manage all of it between the two of us. I think we can have it all installed in 6-7 hours. Putting down the new floors overtop should only take an additional four hours.