I wonder why the air conditioner is dirty

My mother told me that it is time to get a job. Admittedly all I genuinely wanted to do was be able to lay around and play video games. Not surprisingly, this would not fly with her. I begrudgingly began looking for another job. Thankfully, within a few days I had gotten my first job interview. I was happy to be able to show mom I was working at it, but I was dreading having to work a full time week. While waiting for my interview, I noticed it was frigid in the office. I thought that it was because of my nerves, but eventually I realized there was ice cold air blowing into the room from a nearby vent. I was already nervous about my interview, now I had to worry about staying warm enough to speak without chattering teeth. During my interview, it was going great. All of the clever questions they were asking me I was answering with flying colors! The only problem I had was when he asked me what I thought of the business so far. When they asked me that question, I couldn’t help but mention the feeling of being in a refrigerator. I was not very tactful when I told them they keep it much too cold than necessary for an office. I probably should not have said that I imagined the employees were miserable in such an environment. They took this badly, and I think I lost the job opportunity. Well, back to the job search online.