I won’t be happy with that

I have this problem with sweating when I work out. During the workout I want that I sweat. I want all that sweat out of my body. It makes me feel cleansed and like my body is working hard. I have to bring a towel with me to work out. The sweat runs down my face, body and sticks to my clothes. After I am done with my workout I really badly want to take a cold shower, clean myself thereafter go about my day. Noticeably that after I do that will, the heat comes back. I still feel hot and as i start sweating. Then I sweat through my clean clothes and begin to smell again. I don’t plan to take another shower after excessive sweating again. I figured out early on what I have to do. I exercise, sweat a lot and then I wait so that I can shower. I need to bring my body’s temperature down. So what I do is switch on my air conditioning system and lower my body’s temperature. The AC keeps me icy cold and then I can relax and not necessarily be as hot. I simply cannot rush the cooling process then again. If I rush it in addition to shower, then I sweat through my dry clothes. It gets annoying sometimes sitting with the air conditioning system and just waiting it out. While I here’s waiting it out I find cold, smell bad and after that my skin gets terrible. Nevertheless it is worth it not to sweat through my dry clean clothes each time I am done doing a exercises.

cooling tune-up