I’m trying to be successful

Back when I was growing up, my family hosted many foreign exchange students over the course of many years. I can still remember the times when unique, exotic students from a far off lands stayed in our spare room. This exposed me to many different languages, cultures and types of people – something which I’m deeply grateful for to this day. Another aspect of this arrangement was acquiring new perspectives on most everything I was accustomed to at the time. I realized our country is a prosperous one: we like amenities that are luxuries to others. Most of the foreign exchange students were fascinated by the heating and air conditioning equipment in our house. It wasn’t the most extravagant cooling system, by the standards of the day, but most of our guests had never seen a real cooling system component before. The cool, breezy air that blasted from the vents mesmerized them though it seemed perfectly normal to me. An air conditioned home was cosmic technology to most of them. I had taken air conditioning for granted but was now reminded daily that I was actually lucky to have it. In reality, these kids surely needed temperature control systems in their homes a lot more than I needed it. Of course, I don’t feel bad for guilty for having heating and cooling at my fingertips when the less fortunate do not, it just means I never take it for granted. I suppose I’m lucky to have such good air conditioning and it’s okay for me to have a little luck now and then.

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