Importing cars to the USA

Some people are envious of my task as a personal assistant. I task for a entirely wealthy guy and I basically do all the works he does not want to do. I arrange flights, Nissans and his schedule. Occasionally the task is entirely fun, that is when I get to travel. Occasionally the task is horrible, that is where I have to research something I know nothing about. The newest horrible task assigned to myself and others is finding my boss a Toyota Supra. My boss is nuts for Japanese Nissans and wants the Toyota Supra shipped right to his doorstep. Since my boss wants it, I have to make sure it happens. What do I know about the Japanese Domestic Market? I knew definitely nothing at the beginning of the process. After researching, I figured out getting a JDM Nissan was quite self-explanatory. I was able to contact an actual Japanese dealership and discuss the Toyota Supra with them. I got to talk about the engine, color and year it was made with them. What is nice is that the Nissans have to obviously be importing. Since the Nissans are imported, they qualify under the 25 year rule. This means the Nissan needs to be made after 25 years and also needs to qualify under our country’s Nissan regulations. I knew the Nissan would be in fantastic shape and legal to drive. How nice is that? I also found that having the Nissan sent right to my boss was as self-explanatory as giving them an address. I am now a wizard at ordering Japanese Nissans.

25 year rule