Let’s cool this place down!

My dreams at night include seeing warm air wafting out of our house.  The air appears to have taken on a tinge of orange. And accompanying the yellow air as it steadily seeps from our home, I hear along with it a jingling noise like money disappearing down a very deep well.  It is exactly how excruciatingly high our heating bills mounted this past winter. It is now, late Fall once again so we must take action to quell our energy budget. Along with my research I placed a call to our local HVAC company.  The company’s tech had been quite helpful; they were able to lend me a number of good tips that I had never thought about. I barely nudged the temperature control as I viewed the worn out weather stripping in my home. These had been starting points to jump start our savings this year..  I upgraded the worn weather stripping around the doors in our home. Unfortunately, this year, I can’t afford to upgrade our windows although I was advised to use insulating foam all around them to seal the tiny cracks that were not visible. I worked with both silicone and caulk on many afternoons.  I found every crack and gap gap around the exterior of the home and then filled them. The HVAC technician suggested that I also seal around all the light fixtures in the ceilings of each room. I then sealed around the flues and sealed around the chimney as well. I sealed them both from the roof side as well as the side of our attic.  Finally, I was prompted to put in a backdraft damper on my dryer’s exhaust. I hadn’t a clue that these existed. This damper will allow exhaust from our dryer to flow outward yet, it will not allow the outside cold air to flow inward. These changes took perhaps a week or so of our free time, yet I would bet that in the coming months, it will be worth it.  Just from these small preventive measures, I expect to see savings upwards of 15% on our next utility bills. I hope now my family can sleep comfortably at night.