Making a selling point

My family has lived in this town for four generations. Our jewelry store is a fixture in the community. All I heard growing up was how my friend’s dad bought his mom’s engagement ring from my father or grandfather. I’d see my teachers come in to the store to get their watches repaired and neighbors shop for birthday and holiday gifts. I always knew I’d join the family business after college and eventually take over from my father. What I didn’t know was how the challenges I would have to deal with would be so different from what Dad and Grandpa faced during their time in the store. They had to deal with the occasional shoplifter or someone passing a bad check. I have thieves trying to break in through the ductwork. I’m not kidding. There are some every enterprising criminals willing to try anything to make a fast score. We have visible security measures that have always worked as deterrents. But now, when the criminals see cameras and alarms, they just take a different route and break in through the HVAC system. Getting in through air conditioning and heating ductwork is easier than you think. If you have air vents, you’re an easy target. That’s why I’m upgrading the security system and incorporating HVAC burglar bars as an obstacle for bad guys breaking in through the ventilation system. The bars are put deep inside the air conditioning and heating ducts so if someone should crawl in, they’ll get stopped at a point where backing out is impossible. The police or fire department would have to extract them. I can’t have a store without heating, cooling and ventilation but if the equipment bringing the heat and cool air in also lets in thieves, I have to secure it somehow.