My HVAC unit really isn’t working

I believe my spouse to be a panic service caller.  What do I mean by this? He will immediately pick up his iPhone and proceed to call a repairman any minute that an appliance doesn’t work.  I understand that he wants our equipment to function properly when it is turned on. But, imminently reaching for a phone isn’t always necessary.  The fee assessed for repair calls has never been more steep. I am attempting to help him check a few key things prior to that instantaneous dial for help.  The heating and air conditioning in our home has been a culprit for service calls in the past. I had provided my husband with a checklist of sorts to help him diagnose any future problems with our heating and air conditioning.  If the system was not working, I’d ask him to look first at the thermostat. Does the thermostat match the mode for the desired setting? By nudging the thermostat a bit, it can help indicate that the temperature setting is right.  Next, I’d ask him to be certain that the heating and air conditioning system is receiving power. My husband, by following the checklist, will then move the power switch to ON and subsequently check to see if a breaker has been tripped or not.  Finally, I would ask that he look to see if the air filter is in good condition, unclogged, and that all vents, along with their returns, are unobstructed. If he follows through with all of these steps and still nothing happens, I would feel a bit more comfortable about dialing the HVAC professionals for assistance.  I would tend to follow the same list and, in addition, perform a few other checks myself. I would go outside to see if the condenser is littered with either dirt or debris. While looking at the condenser, I would also see if it is frozen. Often, if a condenser is frozen it is an indication that the filter needs to be changed or there may be an air flow problem.  There is no sense in paying for a lavish repair job if it this step is completely unwarranted. However, if I check everything on my list and the HVAC system is still in failure, I, myself, will even phone the professionals.

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