Our new couch is great

I have been looking for a dining room table since I purchased my house two years ago. It seems as if I will never find what I want. I don’t really know exactly what I am looking for, but I know I don’t want these cookie cutter rectangle tables that are in every big box and furniture store around here. I tend to prefer a traditional look when it comes to wood furnishings for the house, but every time I tell a salesman that, he takes me to these gigantic, ornate, curvy-legged tables and chairs. I did not realize that is what is considered traditional, so I guess I am not really sure that traditional furniture is what I am after. So far, everything I have seen falls flat of my expectations. So, last weekend, I turned to a colleague of mine. I have seen her clothing and her car and her home, and they all scream tasteful and classic. I want my dining room table to look like something she would choose, so she agreed to go furniture shopping with me. I was so excited, but after a whole day of disappointment, we were worn out and I was no closer to having a table. That is when she let me in on her secret. She went to a custom furniture showroom when she bought her house, and they provided interior design services and custom furniture for her house. That is why her place always looks so much better than everyone else’s. She suggested that I do the same thing. She explained that I don’t have to get my whole house redesigned; if all I need is a table, then I can go there and get a table built just the way I want it, and the custom furniture builder can help me figure out just what I do want. Awesome!

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