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If there is 1 thing most couples disagree on, it is where to set the thermostat on the Heating and Air Conditioning system. The majority of the time, with a lower thermostat setting, the girl is too cold and with a higher thermostat setting the guy is too hot. Therapists and pre-marriage counselors regularly have engaged couples talk about sex, money, and the in-laws. I suppose they ought to make them talk about the a/c and where to set the thermostat. Most ladies, if they are being forced to wear a blazer in November, will come to resent their husband if he is not willing to set the air conditioning system thermostat setting a bit warmer. The same is true for men; if they are running around practically naked just trying to get cool, they will harbor resentment against their wives who won’t let them use the air conditioning system and be semi-comfortable in their own houses. The thermostat setting is particularly 1 location where fiances need to learn to help each other out a little. In some instances, a couple might consider Heating and Air Conditioning zone control. With Heating and Air Conditioning zone control,. Each person can 1 room in the house set to a temperature that is to their liking, and occasionally they can retreat to the room with the better thermostat setting. As long as the couple does not use their Heating and Air Conditioning zone control retreats too often, that is a wonderful compromise. It is more pressing to spend time together than it is to have the perfect Heating and Air Conditioning thermostat setting, just remember. There is no sense going to war over the Heating and Air Conditioning.

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