Roofs can leak

After a long search I have found my dream home.  My hubby and I had been condo hunting for over a month looking for the perfect condo for my little family. We have two young children and we have always wanted a condo that could accommodate our family while they were young, all the way through their teenage years.  The most crucial feature to me was a basement. I knew the basement would give me the flexibility that I desired. Both of us found a beach condo that had a finished basement with lots of space to build in. My hubby was concerned about the ability to make the basement comfortable enough to be a safe play space for the kids. We had a neighbor that owned a Heating and A/C business so the two of us hired him to complete the basement remodel.  We quickly learned that there were several reasons that basements are difficult to keep effectively heated. Because the floors of the basement are made from concrete slabs, the water vapor seeps through the stone slabs causing moisture, dampness and humidity. I knew the children would want to run around in the basement with their bare feet so I wanted a gas furnace that would make the flooring warm and easy on there little toes. I also needed a system that would help decrease the moisture. We ended up deciding to install an in-floor radiant gas furnace plus a dehumidifier.  The dehumidifier should help reduce the moisture in the air as well as improve the air quality down in the basement. The gas furnace will keep the floor warm and dry as well as give a comfortable temperature downstairs.

furnace tune-up