Seeing what we have

My husband is a certified contractor. While he has certifications and countless hours of plumbing, electrical engineering and construction, his real niche is heating, ventilation and air conditioning – especially the ventilation part. He can fix a forced-air centralized system using basic tools and his own skills, and still finish the job faster and more effectively than an entire team of fully equipped, less experienced contractors. Despite his excellent talent, he does have a weakness – he always works alone. Yes, his “contracting firm” is really just him alone in an office! He doesn’t even hire an accountant. I’ve asked him time and time again why he refuses to hire any other technicians, but he says he just doesn’t have faith in others to handle the work with the skill that he does. Of course no one will handle it like him, because no one else in our town has near as much experience and skill as him. Still, a master of a martial art isn’t truly a master if he does not have any pupils. Contracting work is no different, is it? It’s not like he can’t take on one additional helper. After a lot of convincing, he finally took on an apprentice when he was offered a contract to replace the boiler in this couple’s home. It was the perfect opportunity to build trust with a new employee and improve the flexibility of his contracting firm. Once he went on the call to replace this furnace at the customer’s home, he actually texted me during the job saying that he really wished he thought to do this sooner! He said his job was totally easier, as the new worker he hired was a really smart kid. They were able to not only replace the furnace at this house, but they even had time to cleanse the ductwork and check the gas lines for the furnace as they swapped the equipment out. I told him at least one hundred times in the past to do this, but I’m glad he finally did it.

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