That was an awesome idea for me

My landlord is one of the most cheap people I’ve ever met by far. I realize that times are hard and we need to tighten our budgets and split on costs wherever the two of us can. however, my lake house is not the venue to do it. Ever since my sub pump died, I had to hire contractors to rebuild half the house. It’s been one big nightmare. Each step of the way, he’s there trying to split another financial corner, some of which are hazardous to my health. She called the rehab crew and asked them to save the rugs, even though they were covered in growing mold. My landlord thought if they were just cleaned effectively, they didn’t have to be thrown away, however the rehab crew was kind enough to tell him she was in the wrong. Now that the work is all done plus I had hoped the two of us were free of it, but that’s not the case. Now I need to be professionally checked up on before I can cook in my kitchen again. There is also the problem of the oil gas furnace radiator parts in pieces on the floor, not yet put back together. I decided to take the job into our own hands and tell my landlord that she needed to hire an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company to put them back together and inspect the entire unit. No one really knew if the flood water had effected the registers or any other aspect of the central heater inner workings, and fortunately the heating and air conditioner repair provider was quick to get to the bottom of things. He had the oil furnace radiators installed back together in under an hour plus took care of the system from top to bottom. Aside from the cleaning that needed to be done before the Winter season, my oil gas furnace was announced good to go.

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