The duct is dripping

My boiler is a total tank that will keep working forever.  Did you know that with the right kind of maintenance you can keep a boiler working for 50 to even 80 years?  My boiler at this point is probably in its late fifties and the only issue is that sometimes it needs a part or two that need replacing, but other than that, the boiler is always good to go!  It heats my whole house with no problems. The boiler can also connect to my hot water tank to provide heating for all of my plumbing. The boiler can also link to my pool to heat that as well. I don’t want to try any of this because I don’t want a different heating system. I was always in luck, I knew an older HVAC technician that knew everything about my boiler system. Four times a year, he would do the entire heating service and maintenance on my unit.  With this he but he would oil it and tighten it and it was all good. This repairman is now retired and I can’t find a single person that can service my heater. Apparently the boiler is so ancient that none of the young technicians have clue what to do with it. Not only is the boiler out of production but so are the replacements parts. Servicing boilers is an artform that is dying. The tiny fraction of HVAC technicians that even work on boilers have never seen my model.  I can’t imagine going a whole year without servicing my boiler though so I need to find someone quickly who can handle this equipment. There has to be someone out there who’s from an older generation and knows how to work on this machine.

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