The HVAC unit is taking over

Lately, I have been taking a refresher course in self-hypnosis.  This works well to keep me focused. When I first heard about hypnosis, all I could think about was the crazy people who sat on stage and acted like animals.  I never thought that it was just a way to gain clarity and focus. It isn’t even about relaxation, but it does help a person to get into a state of relaxation so they can focus.  So, anyway, I was getting ready to find a good place to find some solitude so I could focus, and I went into my spare room. I have a small lounger int here, and I am able to have natural sunlight, and yet not be in the bright light.  I can sit there and all sounds from the house are far away. I sat down, and I was listening to my tape, and all I could think about was the odor in the room. I kept smelling something really odd. Considering I have an air purifier to help with the air quality in the house, I couldn’t understand why I had this smell in this room.  I allow my grandchildren to use it as a playroom, and I thought maybe they had left something in there while they were playing. As I investigated, I found an open package of beef jerky and a container of yogurt. Both had little bugs crawling in them, which gave me the creeps. I have to say I was angry, but I brought in the portable air purifier and cleaned up the mess, which improved my air quality for the self-hypnosis.  I made a mental note to call and tell them about their faux pas.

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