The provisions I wanted

I’ve been helping my dad and mom rebuild their house – and their lives – since last hurricane season. See, when the hurricanes came up over the Summer and into the gulf, it wrecked countless lives. Many around here lost their residences, and some lost their lives. As tough as it was for my parents to come back home after the storm only to discover their home completely leveled, I reminded them that they still had each other – and they escaped with their own lives. I’m a real optimist like that. Anyway, I’ve made a lot of connections over my career working as an electrician, and I’ve done projects alongside countless contracting firms that provided services including plumbing, reconstruction, demolition, and even HVAC work. This one contractor named Jim was one of the best connections I ever made! Not only is he incredibly talented with all things pertaining to heating, ventilation and air conditioning, but he’s nice with his pricing and will work with any client to make sure they can afford his help. When I told Jim about what my parents were going through, he was concerned by their tragedy and genuinely wanted to help us out. He insisted I introduce him to them, and when he met them, he was quick to offer them a wide range of services to help with putting their house back together. He said they could go with a central forced-air system like they had before, or they could go with an air source heat pump to cool their house more efficiently. In addition, he even offered to lend several window-mounted air conditioning units to them for use while the HVAC system was installed. There’s so few contractors as nice as Jim, and I know my parents appreciated his efforts greatly!

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