The shower is on

If the two of us never have a drainage problem ever again, it will definitely be far too soon. The two of us have certainly dealt with enough drainage issues to last a lifetime, after the two of us had a drainage problem in our shower that caused a huge amount of water I’m damaged. The two of us came home to find that the shower was damaged along with the pipes, along with the fact that the two of us certainly had to contact the plumber. The plumber found a lot of problems inside of our pipes, that were causing a drainage problem. The two of us had to pay thousands of dollars to have the plumbing redone, along with the fact that still didn’t help with the toilet. We had to have the plumber come out a few days later, along with address the problems that we were having with our toilet. It’s been awful to consistently plunge the drains around our house, and the two of us are certainly hopeful that we will not need to contact a plumber in the future. For a few months, the two of us had to keep a plunger at every single point of water entrance. I got embarrassing to have friends over, because we worried about them using the bathroom along with finding out that our drainage problems were severe. Things around here seem to be getting back to normal, along with the fact that the two of us couldn’t be happier with all of the results. One day this will all be outdated news that no one really cares about much anymore

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