The weather keeps changing

My sister can easily get on my nerves at times. Growing up, she was the prefered sibling of not just our parents, but our other family and even friends, too! It just is not fair! She has proven to be more fit and athletic than I am. She takes pride in her athletic interests and I take pride in other things, such as  my work. Working in sales has it’s pros and its cons, but overall I really enjoy it. I have recently started going to the gym in my free time to try to become healthier. When I shared these accomplishments with my beloved sister, she straight up laughed in my face! I explained how surprised she would be if she saw me in action, which turned out to be a rather large mistake because she then challenged me to a race around the block. The loser would pay the winner a large amount of money to use as they please. I knew what I would use it for–a new HVAC system! My house lacks any kind of Heating and Air Conditioning system in it, so having one would be amazing. Maybe I could even afford a mobile temperature controls to use on my smartphone! However, when the day of the race came, I began to get nervous. What if I lost? Then I would owe her a lot of money, not to mention how embarrassed I would be! Later that day my worst fear came true. She won the race by a long shot. No HVAC unit for me, I guess. At least I had the courage to try!

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