There’s some new options

I recently obtained an old farm apartment with the intention of complete renovation.  That complete renovation is now in its third year. Really, what was I thinking. There have been so several hurdles plus challenges to overcome.  Structural integrity was sound but it seemed as though everything else needed replacing. The Heating plus A/C heating program was on the upgradement list.  My farm apartment is located in a part of the South where Winter is fairly mild but chilly weeks exist. Yet, the old oil furnace was no longer up to the work.  I knew an investment in a new heating plus cooling program would require a trusted Heating plus A/C professional. I phoned a local heating plus cooling business to have my situation carefully considered.  The Heating plus A/C worker showed myself and others several heating plus cooling options. But he leaned heavily toward investing in a heat pump. The heat pump could be married up with the new duct program with a little retrofitting.  I was sad though about heat in the winter. Stories about weak heat pumps plus shivering apartment owners had scared myself and others off the heat pump. However, now that I was much further south, perhaps a heat pump was the way to go.  The Heating plus A/C tech put myself and others at ease when he explained a few details. The heat pump could genuinely work on its own by pulling heat from the outside air. The heat pump alone was adequate down to about forty degrees. On the scarce opportunity the temps fell below forty, an electric heating panel would help supplement the heat demand.  And, of course the heat pump is the most efficient cooling source out there. I picked the heat pump plus have checked another thing from that renovation list.

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