These air ducts should be cleaned

Northern Summers are really odd. There are certain days that the weather can get in the 80s. Everybody in town is then pumping out the AC. I crank up my whole home central air conditioning unit to combat the heat. I additionally have to run my dehumidifier to get rid of the added moisture in the indoor air quality. Then, combine this with the AC, and the house is good to go. The next day though, can be super cold. Our temperatures always drop at night. You have to be careful with setting the air conditioner. You can go to bed with it being 80 outside and then it will slowly turn into around 55 degrees. Then you are cooling a home when outside is freezing. Later, you wake up to around 60 degree weather. This abrupt change has everyone in town turning off the AC. Multiple times in the Summer I contemplate turning on my furnace. The nights and mornings typically get quite cold. I don’t want to freeze to death in the Summer. But, running a heating unit in Summer is just plain sad. So I have to just endure the few cold days, the frequent cold days and the cooler mornings with no heating. I then wait until it gets warm again and then I permit myself to use my cooling unit. I only get a short amount of time to make use of my air conditioner too. The heater is used for around 9-10 months out of the year. So, letting the heater have a break is a priority. Also, getting some use out of the AC purchase is a good idea.