These regulations are difficult

Alright, guys, you got me again. I don’t know who keeps coming in here or how they are managing to be so incredibly sneaky and covert, but it’s like little ghosts have been creeping through my office and making devious alterations. Yes, I’m talking about a near-poltergeist situation. While you may think that there are objects flying across the room, doors flinging wide open with no explanation, or electronics serving as communication devices for souls beyond the grave… the truth is that we just have a bunch of sweaty boys running through here, changing the thermostat whenever we aren’t paying attention. You see, I work in a small office with only one thermostat for the whole space. This works fine, except for the fact that everyone around here is always way too hot, while I am always way too cold. Normally it’s not a huge deal and we compromise on the thermostat settings somewhere in between the two target temperatures of the opposing groups, but recently things haven’t been so civil. Instead of setting the thermostat and forgetting it, the boys are passing through and lowering in the indoor air temperature considerably when I’m not paying attention to the temperature control device. Every time I turn around it’s suddenly 68 degrees in here, with AC flowing from the huge air vent directly over my desk. My fingers and toes are numb, and I’m shivering in my office chair. By the time I change the thermostat and notice a difference in the indoor air quality, someone has already changed the air conditioner settings back again. I almost wish we were being haunted, at least I wouldn’t be tempted to punch a ghost.

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