This air conditioner looks great

When my husband and I needed a new HVAC unit installed, we contacted the number 4 a local HVAC contractor. My husband and I wanted to get a few different estimates, so we were sure to get the best price on a new HVAC unit. Each of the companies gave us the same speech. Each HVAC company would honor a competitor coupon, so we could have our choice of any company. It was great for us, because it eliminated price as part of the equation. We decided to go with the HVAC company that had the best customer reviews. My husband and I had the new HVAC unit installed last Tuesday. Everything went well, and they finished the installation in one day. At the end of the day, the sales technician came into the house so I could sign all of the paperwork. He handed me the invoice for the new HVAC unit, and the price was not our agreed-upon number. I told the HVAC contractor that we found a lower estimate. He was supposed to honor that price, because we had it in writing. Unfortunately, the sales technician would not honor the lower estimate from another company. My husband was irate, and almost told them to take the HVAC unit back to the shop. After calming my husband, I got on the phone and contacted the owner of the HVAC contractor form. I explained our issues, and asked if it was still there policy to honor a competitor’s estimate. He told me that was still there policy, and ask for the name of the technician at our property.

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